The Mouth of Leviathan
Your movement through the water is matchless.
Your songs haunt all our dreams.
Supernal mind of grace,
spinning deeper into space.
Around this spiralling sphere,
sounding the depths. I must believe.
Do not deny me this.
Do not let them damn you for trying to know yourself.
They want you on your knees. Reveal. Reveal!
Where the sun set on empire, the wreckage washed ashore.
We are the detritus of history’s end.
The spray of a thousand seeds.
Watch them devour each other,
hunger for blood is endless.
Jaws open to seize whatever they can find,
swallowing the bounty of creation.
I smell the sunlight in my hair.
Laid Narcissus at your feet, headless, and smelling of Life.
With this we travel through dreams, search the stockpiles;
of knowledge, of insight. Leading to more questions.