Ride To The Sabbath
A day like all the rest.
From within this already perfected state,
we will remember all.
I am crazed because I will be
who I am. I am mad because I want to be.
My energy is a destroying flame.
Through the smoke,
our destiny I tame.
Rampant we come.
We behold the worst in us all.
We let it pass us by,
rising from a fall.
Eros hurtles towards us
whether we are ready or not.
We think we know how it will go.
But we cannot even imagine this
thing we call “god”.
Looking in the mirror we do not
know ourselves. I look now.
I see what I want to see.
I see it.
I see the needle.
I see the tapestry.
My love is unending and it is equal to my hate.
It is their ever twisting dance that shall complete this fate.