An in between stage.
A breaking down of tissue.
Wings still forming
and an eye to the sky.
I slaver for these
sleek young bodies.
I hunger for their potential.
A thousand names come
and gone, myriad siblings
stroll along. I dream of who I was
to know where I am.
My nails, scimitars,
paws sunk into the sand.
This transformation continual,
this ever-changing land.
So small in this confusion,
tiny stones in spinning space.
A dead image with no expression on its face.
Obsessive rhyme.
Neurotic time.
Twitching and glitching,
pulled apart.
Humans, talking to themselves.
Humans, listening to the voices inside.
Humans, struggling in this matter.
Humans, there is no great divide.
Savage, simian shouting.
Dogmatic structures sprouting.
What will happen now?
The way is open for those
who step through.
Remember tho’: the choice lies with you.